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Computer Graphics
These are some projects I've done or I'm working on.
Sim Done
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A simulation framework for mass-spring systems. Was finished as a project for university with the help of Bert De Decker.
Language: C++ Download (247 kb)
Thesis info In progress
A DTD for describing a thesis and its progress. Some XSLT documents are also available for transforming it into nice looking HTML pages. Not everything is implemented yet. Help and ideas are always welcome. I got the idea for this while looking at the nice pages of the master students at KULeuven. The example is from one of the students (for now).
Language: DTD, XML, XSLT Download (7 kb)
GITP In progress
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Global illumination test platform.
Language: C++ Not available
containers In progress

Some templated containers like STL has, just made to fit into a nice design. Has exception handling and iterators. All comments and ideas are greatly appreciated.
Language: C++ Download (26 kb)
netlib In progress

A C++ network library, has classes for TCP and UDP (with multicast) connections. All comments and ideas are greatly appreciated.
Language: C++ Download (38 kb)
installdb stable

installdb is a package management system that works independant of package type (tarballs, rpms, debian packages, whatever). It tracks down all installed files and stores all the packages information in its database. Those packages can be queried, uninstalled and verified. A package consists of a list of files, description, name, version, size and other information
Language: C Download (52 kb)